Happy Christmas Everyone

Just a small update on JT By Jordan Dodds


HI everyone, Jordan from Journaling Thoughts here just giving you all an update here on JT. You May have noticed no activity here on JT that is because I have been enjoying a small little break from my college work and my writing work.

This year I have worked extremely hard, on both my main program at the college and blogging on Tumblr and here on JT. But I can assure you there’s going to be more content coming up on Journaling Thoughts.

From articles on current events, through to all new essays written by me, along with a selection of guest editors. Journaling Thoughts will be stacked with the best content around.

2017 is going to be huge! and I hope you will stay with me for the new year. Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone.


For Journaling Thoughts I’ve been Jordan Dodds

Author: JordanDodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Aspiring Journalist and writer. follow on twitter @its_jordandodds

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