The election like no other: Donald Trump

As part of my series on the United States 2016 Presidential Election. Today I will be profiling the Republican Party nominee: Donald Trump

  • Who is Donald Trump?

Donald John Trump was Born on June the 14th in 1946 is a property developer turned reality TV star. Donald is the Second son of Fred Trump also a property developer. 

  • What did Donald Trump do before announcing his bid for the white house?

As mentioned above Donald was a major property developer. This would entail purchasing land and building on the land. Donald is best known for his luxurious complexes and golf courses. However in 2004 Donald began working on the television programme “The Apprentice”

The show would see Donald searching for the next apprentice for his many different compaines. He would often set tasks and whoever didn’t do the task to his standard would be “fired”. 

The show ran from 2004 to 2015 when Donald would announce his presidential bid.

  • The Primary contest

Despite the initial “OMG Donald Trump is running he won’t get far” Donald Did very well in the Primary Contests. winning 41 Primaries, Beating his closest rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich. 

  • Why is Donald Trump so controversial?

Throughout his bid for the white house, Donald has proven to be quite controversial. through his actions on twitter, I.E. giving his opponents names such as “lyin ted” or “Crooked Hillary” or through statements he has made I.E “calling for a total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the USA” Donald Trump has tested the limits of what can be said on the campaign trail.

  • What do I think of Donald Trump?

Well, i personally think Donald Trump is certainly not the right person for the job. He Doesn’t seem to have the temperament for the person running the leader of the free world.

In the next entry, i will profile Hillary Clinton stay tuned for that 

Until then see you around 


PrEP: My Opinion

Now as I am a gay man, there are certain things that men who have sex with men (MSM) are more prone to getting. I am talking about HIV and AIDS. Since the outbreak in the 1980s  many different steps have been taken to prevent the horrible desise. Such as condoms and better sexual health awareness.

However in recent months a drug going by the name of PrEP. or (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) for the technical term is a drug that can prevent HIV from getting into the body. 

The drug was on a trial through the NHS however, the NHS refused to fund the treatment. This was until yesterday when the High Court of England order the NHS must fund the Drug.

Personally, I believe that this was the best decision made. By funding this drug it can reduce the amount of cases of HIV and promote a healthy attitude to safe sex. Right now we should be celebrating but….

Thanks, some newspapers ( The Daily Mail and The Times) who have branded PrEP as a “lifestyle drug”. This is among some of the lowest Yellow Jounrlasim I have ever come across. The fact that these two newspapers are branding a drug that can PREVENT HIV as a fucking lifestyle drug with the likes of cannabis and meth.

It drives me insane how much bigotry is in print journalism. How that these people are able to spew such filth and hatred on a page. (No surprises coming from the Daily Mail who’s editor has the editorial skills of a monkey) 

I believe that PrEP should be funded and the best way to fund PrEP is to make the wealthy pay for the NHS. 

I know this article is long but this is topic is so close to me and i hope people can relate to my thoughts