IMO: Why Social media makes us insecure

Every day we use the likes of Facebook Snapchat and Twitter, Regardless of where we are in the world, we have our portable digital lives with us.

Everyone on occasion will ask other people what they think of me.Even I am guilty of asking other people of what they think of me. It’s Second nature to ask my boyfriend how do I look? or am I behaving correctly?

It’s Purely ok to be like this but our social media usage has amplified this and is now beginning to start causing problems. Social Media is making us all insecure and worrisome about every aspect of our lives.

It’s Unbelievable the lengths that people go to, in the past two weeks on both Snapchat and Facebook I have had people send me links to a Sarahah page asking to review them.

I looked onto the page and it was asking some very personal questions, asking about the appearance of the person and I just gave up and logged out.

I was genuinely worried about the person, I Spent hours thinking of why someone would be so worked about what everyone else thinks?

Why are we going against everything we have been told from a young age? we were always told to not care about what others think and focus on yourself. That As long as you were happy with who you were then nothing else matters.

It’s the attitude I have every day, I go out the house dressed in tracksuits and a vest and I don’t care what others think to about it.

Why are we always stressing about our outfits and what others think of them? I don’t get on a bus wearing chinos and a dress shirt and think “Oh what does this person think about my outfit” or “what will facebook say?”

My Point is that social media makes us feel insecure, that what we wear is the only thing people judge us on. When really we can’t judge a book by its cover but rather the content inside.

This was IMO by Jordan Dodds For Journaling Thoughts

IMO: Job Hunting Is Absolutly Absurd

There was once a time when to obtain employment you’d simply pop into the place and ask for a job, Go back later that week for an interview and if successful you’d be employed! Huzzar.

Yet now it’s absolutely stupid the lengths you’ve gotta go to now to get a job. There’s the completely insane qualification needed for some jobs. For one stupid job in retail needs at least 5 years experience! 5 years experience of what? scanning a barcode!

One job I looked at required a minimum of a years experience in retail, That’s a huge amount of the population especially the likes of me a student in college.

Then there is the lack of personal communication in hunting for a job. Every Job seems to be only online and all done through stupid quizzes and tests.

One such job I looked at required me to spend an hour and a half doing a stupid quiz to determine if I’m fit for it. Guess what? I got Rejected because I answered one question, not to their specifications.

How is that fair? they haven’t even met me, let alone get to know me. they think they can just assume and insinuate who I am through a bunch of utter stupid questions about animals and spirits.

Yet even when I apply for a job with just a CV, There’s a chance ill never hear from it again and apparently chasing up isn’t a thing anymore.

Yet if I don’t have a job, I get abuse hurled at me. That I am a spoilt child who will never achieve anything.

How Is it fair to expect someone who barely has free time to jump through hoops and bark like a circus seal for a little bit of money? To be dictated a job by some unfair algorithm?

This was IMO by Jordan Dodds For Journaling Thoughts