Election 2017 Fallout: The Tory DUP Deal Explained

In the last election-related article on JT, We look at the now signed deal between the Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and what it means for the UK and Northern Ireland. The Outcome of the election was a true surprise to everyone, especially The Tories who despite losing the majority they had still … Continue reading Election 2017 Fallout: The Tory DUP Deal Explained


Election 2017: The Fallout Begins

Ladies and Gentlemen, It Actually Happened. In a shock to not just a shock to the public but a shock to the world. Today the UK is still governed by the Conservatives. Despite a hung Parlament being called in the exit poll, and an actually hung parliament happening. We are now governed by two of the most right-wing … Continue reading Election 2017: The Fallout Begins